Vondra & Malott, PLC is a general practice law firm, located in Iowa City, Iowa, assisting clients with cases involving immigration law, criminal law (state and federal), post-conviction relief, habeas corpus, family law, and appeals. We are committed to providing quality legal representation in Iowa and the surrounding states.

Immigration Court Cases

Our immigration lawyers represent clients in all stages of their removal/deportation cases in Immigration Courts, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals. Our immigration attorneys have extensive experience defending removal cases, which includes securing bond for clients while their Immigration Court case is pending, filing applications with the Immigration Court, and obtaining employment authorization for clients who may be eligible to receive a work permit while their immigration case is pending.

Criminal Court Cases, Criminal Appeals, and Postconviction

Sometimes there are immigration consequences to criminal convictions, and our criminal attorneys will often represent clients both in their criminal cases (in Iowa state or federal court) and the related Immigration Court case. Our criminal lawyers represent clients in their felony and misdemeanor cases in state courts in Iowa and in federal court in the Northern and Southern Districts of Iowa. The criminal attorneys in our office have substantial experience in representing clients charged with forgery, identity theft, tampering with records, drunk driving or Operating While Under the Influence (OWI), driving while barred, possession of drugs or controlled substances, domestic abuse, and other charges. Our office also has experience obtaining bond and pre-trial release while clients’ criminal cases are pending.

Our criminal lawyers also represent clients who wish to appeal their state and federal criminal convictions to the Iowa Supreme Court, Iowa Court of Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. Our firm has also successfully obtained post-conviction relief for clients whose criminal attorney was ineffective by failing to explain the clear immigration consequences of a certain criminal conviction.

Family-Based Immigration Petitions and Other Applications

Our immigration lawyers prepare family-based immigration petitions for clients who want to bring relatives or fiancees to the United States (or for family members who are already in the United States). We will help with the initial petition, visa application process, consular processing, and waiver applications (including provisional waivers, if applicable). We are experienced in helping family members obtain lawful permanent residency through adjustment of status (“green card”).

The immigration lawyers in our office regularly prepare DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) initial applications and requests for renewals. We also frequently submit VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) applications and U Visa applications.

Our lawyers and staff are proficient in Spanish. Please call us at 319-358-1900 to make a consult appointment with an attorney. Our office is located at 1934 Boyrum Street in Iowa City, Iowa.

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